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How To Write A Leave Letter To Boss For Personal work

Subject: Leave Application for Personal Reason

Dear Mam / Sir,

Greetings of the Day!

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am in need of leave for a week from 22th January, 2016 till 28th January, 2016, due to some personal reasons. Because there is some serious situation in my family, I need to be there with my family members and I cannot even state the reason for my absence.

Hopefully, on 29th January, 2016 I shall be able to resume my work. I have handed over all my work to Concerned Person name and he/she will be managing the project in my absence. During this time, you can contact me on phone at (phone number) or you can email me at (email address) as and when you need my assistance.

Thanking you for your kind consideration in this matter.

Thanks & Regards


Designation & Deptt

Company name


Contact number

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